Computer & Information Technologies Part time Instructors

Gateway Community and Technical College
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Gateway Community and Technical College is looking for part time instructors for a variety of upcoming fall Computer and Information Technologies classes.  Classes begin early August.

Candidates should work collaboratively with students, fellow faculty, and staff to ensure the educational needs of the individual learner are met.




These positions provide instruction and familiarize students with in the specific areas of study. You will provide students with the background, knowledge and basic skills needed to function effectively on the job. Preferred candidates would be able to teach at various levels to help support their programs. Candidates should be energetic, enthusiastic and have an in depth understanding of the principles in their discipline or field.

Qualified candidates will provide instruction to students in both theory and practice in their respective field. Maintenance and care of classrooms, labs & training materials will also be expected. Qualified candidates must keep abreast of changes in their field and help keep the programs updated. 


2 years of work experience in the subject area

Bachelor’s degree in the teaching discipline, or associate’s degree and demonstrated competencies (i.e. certification/licensure) in the teaching discipline



Master's degree in Information Technology related field or a Master’s degree in a related field

Experience in and understanding of the importance of working with students from diverse populations  

Teaching experience at the community college level teaching  

Long Description:

CIT-180 Security Fundamentals Course 8/13/2018-12/9/2018 Thursday 5:30pm-7:30 pm.  Class will be taught in hybrid mode. 

Introduces basic computer and network security concepts and methodologies. Covers principles of security; compliance and operational security; threats and vulnerabilities; network security; application, data, and host security; access control and identity management; and cryptography.      Security+ Certification required

CIT-160 Introduction to Networking Concepts Course  8/13/2018-12/9-2018 Tuesday 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm.  Class will be taught in hybrid mode. 

Introduces technical level concepts of non-vendor specific networking including technologies, media, topologies, devices, management tools, and security. Provides the basics of how to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate, and configure basic network infrastructure.    Net+ Certification required

CIT-111 Computer Hardware and Software Course    8/13/2018-12/9/2018 Tuesday 7:30 pm-9:30 pm.  Class will be taught in hybrid mode. 

Presents a practical view of computer hardware and client operating systems. Covers computer hardware components; troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance; operating system interfaces and management tools; networking components; computer security; and operational procedures.  Comp TIA Certification required


Student Learning Competencies per course available upon request

Shift Type: Any
Hours Per Week: 4
Opportunity type: Part Time
Job Type: Temporary
Degree Type: Bachelors
Minimum Years Experience: 2
Salary Type: Non-Exempt
Salary Upper: 31.00 hr

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