Auntie Anne's


Food & Beverage

About Us

We are the only black owned business in Carew Tower in the last 20 years. We support every community in Cincinnati and we would love support from the city as well. We hired over 50 teens in the Cincinnati area giving them jobs and teaching them how to be successful in life. We have given out thousands of dollars in support of our community from youth groups. Church groups, schools, sororities, and so on. Please support us so we can continue to support us.


Let us cater your next event!
This is our store location inside of Carew Tower by Hilton Hotel
We also have a food truck to cater to you
We work with our youth and support our you can you support us?
We have hired over 25 teens from Cincinnati Public Schools
We have given over 40 thousand to churches,  schools,  non profit groups and so on