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Attracting new customers and leads are the life blood of all businesses! We are a leading provider of Proximity Marketing Solutions. Our comprehensive range of effortless lead generation products are proven and taking over Proximity Marketing (Estimated to be a 20 Billion Dollar industry by 2020) saving businesses thousands of dollars and making them even more! Proximity Marketing is being called the future of marketing, advertising and branding.

The following are some of our effortless lead generation products:
1. Gem - we have three different gem wireless Bluetooth devices that attracts customers and get more people to view your website, social media, videos, offers and business cards. Broadcast your message on every nearby Android smartphone up to a 100, 400 or 1000 yard radius of the Gem. Our Analytics automatically tracks clicks, page views, and detailed demographics.
2. Uplink Mobile Guest “Free WI-FI” automatically collects contact information from everyone that logs in. Then you can market to these contacts in the future. It will turn your smartphone into a lead generation machine anywhere, any time.
3. Our App is a “Free download” that creates landing pages, offers and digital business cards in seconds. You can attach websites, photos, videos, testimonials, social media like Facebook & LinkedIn and much more are all on one digital business card that’s “clickable.” Digital business cards make you standout and memorable!

Engage contacts and customers with effortless marketing using our innovative lead generation technologies to grow your business!

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