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About Us

KeyGroupLLC is a consulting firm that is dedicated to workforce development. Since 2015, we have been assisting organizations in transforming their culture by focusing on employee feedback to ensure 360-degree engagement. Companies looking to upskill their workforce can trust us to locate, vet, and manage their corporate educational partners.

We are passionate about what we do. As workforce development specialists, we are committed to helping our clients engage, unlock, and maximize talent.

KeyGroupLLC offers:

Confidential Workforce development surveys

· Tailored to address your workforce

· Executive summary with recommendations based on employee feedback

· Management of the implementation plan

Educational Partner Management

· Recommend colleges/universities that align with your organization’s vision

· Negotiate corporate tuition discount

· Manage the implementation/rollout of corporate partnerships

· Track employee progress (FERPA waiver required)


KeyGroupLLC offers training and educational seminars, which are intended to build knowledge and skills in a variety of areas. KeyGroupLLC will tailor seminars to meet organization's needs and can offer training on a topic by topic basis. Seminar topics include:

· Various sales training

· I am the Key to…

· Perception is Reality

· Know your “WHY”

· Soft Skills

· Cultural Diversity

· Ethics

Contact KeyGroupLLC at (725) 333-2043 today to discuss ways we can collaborate on your workforce development initiatives.